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15 July 2013


Dear Friends and ‘prospective friends’ of Sizanani Children’s Home,

I’m often asked by visitors to the Home what they can do to help out. I have responded by giving them a wish-list of needs ranging from food to disposable nappies. This then gave me an idea to invite friends and would be friends of Sizanani that the Home could rely on for support.

Sizanani Children’s Home is a Village facility that cares for children and youth with physical and mental disabilities, situated in Bronkhorstspruit. It has 66 physically and intellectually disabled children and youth. The types of disabilities range from severely profound to mild disabilities. The children’s ages range from 4 years to 34 years old, the majority of which are abandoned or orphaned. The centre is licensed and registered with the department of Health, mental Health directorate. Though we receive subsidies from government, these are not sufficient and they are not regularly distributed. We have experienced periods of shortages of food, essential consumables, such as medication, and staffs have gone without payments for months on end.

We have the best care workers who take care of these children; washing them, feeding them, changing nappies, playing with them and providing daily requirements for the children and youth. I have never met such caring women and men who truly devote their time, emotions and personal resources to the well-being of the children, often times treating them as their own. These are the “Unsung heroes” – their work, sacrifices and dedication is not known. During these past few months, when food was scarce and salaries not forth coming, these “Unsung heroes” continued with their service to provide for the needs of the children. Elsewhere we would have had a boycott which is what has characterised our society whenever workers are not paid. There was never even an utterance of such at Sizanani as the staff continued to focus on the job at hand. Amazing individuals! Truly committed to the children they care for. I was deeply touched!

Please find it in your hearts to pledge to the cause of Sizanani by making a donation for the well-being of the children and youth of Sizanani. We are looking forward to your support to make a difference to the children. We invite you to make monthly donations from R20.00 or any amount you are able to contribute. Having a steady and predictable revenue stream means that we can plan ahead and continue to provide sustainable necessities and better quality of life for our residents and thereby meet our mandate to provide a homely atmosphere for the children.

Should you otherwise prefer to make your donation in kind, I have attached a wish list for your convenience.

I warmly invite those of you who can make a trip to Sizanani to visit and meet our children and the wonderful men and women who look after them.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!



Nonhlanhla Jordan

CEO: Sizanani Home

082 564 0752

Name of donor
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Company/organization   pledge (yes/no)If yes please provide   name of organization/ company.
Amount of monthly   pledge ®
Should you wish to   make a contribution on behalf of a friend/relative please state.(Pledge certificate will be made in their name)
Donation to be made in   the name of (optional)
Message or sender (optional).







  • Disposable  nappies, towelling materials
  • Vaseline, Camphor cream
  • Body spray, Roll on
  • Tooth paste, tooth brushes
  • Disinfecting bath soap
  • Toilet paper, paper towel
  • Hair relaxer, shampoo, hair food
  • Nail clipper, Safety pins
  • Gloves Latex, plastic aprons, hat and scrubs (To prevent cross infection)
  • Sanitary pads
  • Hair remover
  • Bath towels, Face cloths

Cleaning products

  • Handy andy
  • Deocide
  • Toilet bow
  • Sunlight liquid
  • Washing powder
  • Air spray
  • Fabric softener
  • Bleach
  • Stripper (for washing machine)
  • Akali booster (for washing machine)


  • Sugar, Rooibos, Powdered milk
  • Oats/ soft porridge
  • Tinned fish (in tomato)
  • Tinned beans
  • Tinned tomato
  • Pasta/ Rice/ Maize meal
  • Cake flour
  • Sugar beans
  • Refuge Bags