Management & Staff

Sizanani Home is governed by a 3-member Board of Trustees, which we currently aim to expand.

Our present trustees are:

Msgr. Marc de Muelenaere – Chairperson
Mr. Tiko Maeko – Trustee
Dr. William Rowland – Trustee

The Board of Trustees oversees the work of the Management Team, which currently consists of:

Ms. Marthe Stoffer – Development Manager
Carl Busquet – General Manager

Our staff is primarily made up of childcare workers, who take care of the daily needs of the children, with nurses and general assistants supporting them. Our staff complement currently includes about 30 childcare workers, 5 nurses and 20 general assistants working in the laundry, kitchen and housekeeping. Our social work and occupational therapy posts are vacant, but we are working hard on filling them as soon as possible.

We also rely on volunteers who provide much needed services, which we lack due to financial constraints. In the past few years, we have been very fortunate to work with numerous volunteers from around the world.

To read more about our volunteer programme, please click here.