Group Homes

We are proud to announce the opening of our first group home, in the township of Ekangala!

The establishment of group homes stems from our belief that people with disabilities have a lot to offer to their communities, they should ideally never be segregated and live in isolation. Our group home project aims to reintegrate our more able young adults from Sizanani Home into the local communities.

We have recently completed the first phase of this project and moved 12 young women from Sizanani Home to our newly constructed building in Ekangala. They have settled into their new lives with much excitement and hope for the future. We are very grateful to the Roman Catholic parish for the warm welcome! Members of the congregation have already built a ramp to the entrance of the church and have been supporting the new residents wholeheartedly! A local teacher has started to provide lessons voluntarily and we are in the process of developing further vocational activities for our young adults. Our hope is to find sheltered employment within the community of Ekangala for at least some of the residents of the group home. Once our first group home proves to be a success, we would like to build a second one for the male residents of Sizanani.

We are very grateful for Mr. Loe Koppejan and the Weeshuis der Hermvorden (NL) for their generous support of the construction of the group home.