Children’s Home

Sizanani Children's Home

The Sizanani Village Trust was registered on the 16 May 2000. The Trust was established to take over the programmes initiated by the Founder, Fr Charles Kuppelwieser, and St Vincent De Paul Society in 1992.  The objectives of the Trust included, the running of a home for children with mental disability, a school for children with special learning needs, a craft shop, a conference centre, an HIV / AIDS programme, and some food security projects.

The Board of Trustees decided to unbundle these programmes in 2002, and incorporate them in separate legal entities in order to enhance their management. It was found that the knowledge base required to make responsible and timely decisions that affected the programmes, was too complex to be regulated by a single Board of Trustees.
An important rationale behind the decision to unbundle, was to reduce the collective financial risk of the enterprises and to enhance their fundraising possibilities.

The unbundling process is now completed.

Sizanani Village Trust owns the fixed property, and recovers the communal costs associated with the running of the property from the following sources:

  • Rental from tenant enterprises
  • Utility levies for fixed running costs e.g. Security, common garden maintenance, sewerage …etc
  • Service charges for variable running costs e.g. water, electricity, telephone ….etc